Iceland 2016














Last summer my friends Luis, Colette and I were casually chatting about our travels over some drinks in the distillery district. Iceland was mentioned somewhere in the conversation and that it would be a great place explore…..One year later after much planning our epic journey finally took place. The landscape was unreal and breathtaking. Memorable both with scenery and with company.
This is definitely a place where you have to adapt and roll with the punches because the weather can change on a dime. Although we had planned on seeing some amazing sunsets in the midnight sun, and much to our dismay we were given the gift of a week of rain (Although the sun did show it’s face a couple of times). Do you think that would stop us? Hell no….. We just changed direction for some moody emotive photos. We rented a Rav4 (Very nice drive) and we were able to cover a lot of the south with most of the tourist spots staying in Reykjavik for a couple of days. We also made the trip to the north in Akureyri and spent a couple of days there. We decided to go off the beaten path a couple of times and saw a lot of hidden jems most tourists would overlook. Some of the roads were a little sketchy but well worth it for some great photo ops.
The landscape was so dynamic and colourful you could practically see at least 2 or 3 completely unique terrain within your field of view at all times. Which made it a challenge to drive at times because I just wanted to look everywhere. I can see why the roads were considered dangerous outside of the weather because a lot of accidents are caused by tourists not watching the road. lol
We saw the most vibrant greens and moss covered lava fields to glaciers and many, many waterfalls. The reviews were not kidding about the sheep. We saw just about every couple kilometers a family of sheep. The horses were beautiful and amazing to watch. We had some great opportunities to get up close. These creatures were so graceful and curious with us. Their hair was so long and flowing and I’ve never seen blue eyes on a horse before. They had a very human quality to them. It was an ambitious trip to say the least which will leave room for hopefully many future returns as proof even when we have 22 hours of light it still just isn’t enough to capture it all in one vacation. We definitely pushed it at times and were running on fumes having driven approx. 3500km and hiking quite a but too. Who needs sleep!?….

You can see the rest of my photos here.


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