Death Valley











First to start off this post is long overdue. This was a little side trip I took last year when I was staying in Vegas.
Such a beautiful yet remote place. Thankfully I went in the spring so I didn’t get the full brunt of the heat, though it did get quite hot when I was there (probably around 92-94 degrees) On the 1st day I did the usual tourist stuff and drove down Badwater Road to see Artist Drive with all the vibrantly coloured mountains. It was very cool. I did manage to get out and do a small hike, but the heat was getting to me. I also made my way down to the Basin where the salt flats were. I had to laugh though as I was driving, the car was overheating I had turn off the A/C for most of the trip and go old school with open windows. The salt flats were interesting.
I must have walked about 1.5 km out. It is considered the lowest point in North America. After that I drove back to the visitor centre at Furnace Creek and cooled off before I took the 2 hour drive back to my Hotel in Vegas. The next morning I woke up early to head back because I wanted to hike the sand dunes. I got a couple hours in and then drove around for a bit. Then it seemed to come out of nowhere the wind picked up and the sky went black. I attempted to drive a little bit more but I saw that park rangers were keeping a watchful eye, so I decided to head back. Only problem was I already checked out of my hotel (expecting to spend a full day) and my flight wasn’t until late night. Though I was warned about the storms in Death Valley I was trying my best to sneak off a couple of shots before the rain really came in. I was on this one stretch of road that seemed to cut right through the desert and I can see this wall of terror right behind me. Of coarse being my crazy self, pulled over to get a couple of captures as I don’t see this Please note in the last photo the small tornado forming near the center. This was only about a km away and probably 20-30 feet high. Nothing to worry about right?? haha Anyway I managed to outrun the storm just minutes before it turned into a flash flood. I was able to pull into a local Walmart in the closest town of Pahrump to wait it out. I included a quick iphone shot of the parking lot after the worst of it. Luckily I was parked on a bit of a hill. After a quick bite I headed off to the airport to conclude my adventure. Can’t wait to go back.. much more to see!!


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