Fall Colours In Algonquin











So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but this one is well worth the wait. Back in October I decided to take a little mini vacation hiking trip to Algonquin to see the fall colours. I have never been to Barron Canyon before so I decided to explore that side of Algonquin and stay in Pembroke. I also spent a little time in both Petawawa and Quebec exploring and enjoying the views.

It was crazy on day one I drove through highway 60 through sunshine and snow and came across the beautiful moose bull shown above. It was quite a sight. There were a bunch of travellers at first but then they all left and it was just the moose and I for about 15-20 min. I got so close (within 30 feet) he was definitely engaging me with eye contact. I think this guy was use to humans as he seemed very content just doing his own thing and allowing me to watch.

I hiked a couple of trails along the corridor and then straight to the hotel. The next morning I left just before sunrise for Barron Canyon. The small road there is very secluded this time of year. I only saw maybe a handful of other cars so I pretty much had the trails to myself all morning. A little too quiet and a bit creepy but exciting and beautifuly serene. Hiking into the interior had a very pretty juxtaposition seeing the vibrant fall colours on the ground accented with fresh white snow. It was almost two seasons blending into one.

One thing that was a bit interesting was seeing bear tracks in the fresh snow all around me. Even though I didn’t see any I knew they were around. There was even one instance where I could hear an almost snoring sound just off trail which had my heart pumping for a minute, but I realize to seek out the solitude for these photos it’s worth the risk.


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