The Grand Circle Road Trip 2015 Part 6 – Zion National Park










This part of my trip was more about doing some hiking, but I still got some great captures along the way. I stayed in Cedar City Utah which was about an hour away from Zion. Got an early start and arrived about 7am. Similar to the Grand Canyon I had to take the shuttle as private cars were not permitted. I started off with some easy trails to the Lower and upper emerald pools. These were nice quiet trails with a waterfall and a nice natural pool at the top. I actually opted to just take in the silence and solitude instead of pulling out my camera too much in the morning. Saw some wildlife. Had a couple deer walk right up to me. I was disappointed I didn’t see any scorpions or snakes. I did see a couple strange looking spiders though so I didn’t get to close. haha.
After I climbed back down I decided to do the popular hike to Angels Landing. Knowing this one was a challenge I took my time. It was about a 4km hike on a very strenuous uphill trail with one section including 21 switchbacks while the temp heated up very quickly. I also had about 20lbs of camera equipment on my back. Note that I’m not in my 20’s anymore and my description might seem a little exaggerated to someone much younger and in better shape, but I was proud I pushed my limits right to top at Scout’s lookout at 1000 feet. I made the decision not to do the extra 500 feet of Angels Landing as my legs turned into jelly at that point. I rested up and got some great shots, met a couple people and climbed backdown and headed for lunch and a well deserved beer and the Zion lodge.
I did a little more hiking in the afternoon and then called it a day. Total hiking was about 15km


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