Orangeville RAM Rodeo 2015

ORR071115-077-BLOG ORR071115-130-BLOG ORR071115-269-BLOG ORR071115-324-BLOG ORR071115-365-BLOG ORR071115-370-BLOG ORR071115-482-BLOG ORR071115-514-BLOG ORR071115-527-BLOG ORR071115-548-BLOG ORR071115-734-BLOG ORR071115-791-BLOG
Here is coverage from yet another beautiful sunny weekend at the Orangeville Ram Rodeo a couple of weeks ago. Lots of great action & entertainment. This is the first year I’ve seen where there just might have been more photographers then riders….haha. Space was tight, but no worries as you can see I got the shots I wanted.
As usual I’m as close as one can get to the action while covered in the flying dirt and dust the horses & bulls are kicking up all around. This year the event was partnered with Equine Canada’s summer showcase, which demonstrated a variety of breeds and disciplines including horse jumping which was nice to watch. Other highlights were the incredibly talented and young trick riders. I’m always amazed with the bull riders who are able to brave even for a couple of seconds something that looks completely terrifying. Till next time. Enjoy.
You can find more photos here.


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