The Grand Circle Road Trip 2015 Part 4 – Grand Canyon National Park












I spent 2 nights in the Grand Canyon while on my road trip. I got an early start and entered on the south rim for sunrise. Unfortunately they don’t let private vehicles around most of the park so I had to take a shuttle which meant I had to pack everything which was a bit much in retrospect. The weather was varied in this location, so I was literally wearing a winter coat in the morning and needing shorts & a t-shirt in the afternoon. The views were worth it. So vast and expansive, it looked surreal for a first timer like myself. I managed to hit up all the main lookouts and even went off map to get some close to the edge shots. Not for the faint at heart. Not surprising there was a lot of wildlife activity here at all hours. When I arrived on the 1st night I was greeted by a large moose casually crossing the road not more than 3 feet in front of my car. I met what I think was an elk right at the gates and a family of deer all within the 1st 20 minutes of entering the park. I also captured another family of deer later on in the day and saw a big horned sheep climbing the canyon just below me on one of the overlooks. What made me a little uneasy is that people still drove like impatient maniacs along these little roads, which made trying to be respectful and cautious of crossing wildlife a real challenge. Anyway here are some of my favourite images of the day. Enjoy.


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