Twister Airboat Rides & ECO Tour Florida





This is part two of my Florida adventures. For something different I tried one of the various Airboat rides & ECO tours in the area. Here is my review of Twister Airboat Rides at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. We arrived fairly late morning and if I remember correctly we were one of the first boats out. The staff was friendly and we didn’t have to wait too long to board the boats. There seemed to be a number of boats available. There were a couple of tours to choose from (mostly based on length of time) we chose the 30 minute one. Price was not too bad, about $24. Hearing protection was available. It really did help drown out the sound of the fan, but I was still able to hear people talk. We toured along St. John’s river and the grassy marsh. The captain was very knowledgeable & personable. He made for a fun ride. He was great at maneuvering through the marsh for a very efficient ride. For 30 min he really maximized what we could see. We had lot’s of stops and saw a whole bunch of wildlife including many birds, cows and of course lots of alligators. I sat right in the front for the best photo ops. I definitely got close (maybe too close at times!) As you can see in my photos the captain pulled up a couple of times right to the river bank literally a couple feet away from a huge gater. Well within arms reach. Had my heart pumping for that but I was exciting to get some great shots. All in all I had a great time and it was well worth it. My only negative though would be (nothing to do with this review) but if I ever go again I will try a more photo friendly time of day as the sun was very harsh and made for reflective creatures on the


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