Cottage Life


So I was hoping to post this earlier, but better late than never. These are from a recent family vacation to Bala on the Moon River.
Unfortunately it was quite wet and chilly for the most part, but I did get a chance to explore the landscape. Not much colour for sunrise or sunset as it was pretty cloudy and grey, but I managed to capture some colour. My brother was also with me for the week. I always find it interesting to see his posts as we usually have very different visions for similar images. The first couple were very late in the evening about and 1 hour after sunset. The rest were early in the morning. I did something different this time and came equipped with both bodies (D800 and D300s) My D800 has been having some focus issues so the backup was useful. Sadly my boy is back for repairs at Nikon for the next month (poor me…haha) but as you can see I managed to get some shots. We made the best of the rainy days and got some darker more emotive captures.


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