Orangeville Ram Rodeo 2014

Another year capturing the action at the Orangeville Ram Rodeo. It was a perfect day with lots of sun, great people and plenty of things to entertain my lens.
First order of business though was to visit the beer tent. After a quick cool down it was time to set position. I packed light with only my D800 body and the 70-200VR2. I knew I only wanted the close intimate shots this day. Again I positioned myself close to gates for the bull riding as well as the 1st barrel for the barrel racing. I like to get right in close and low to the ground. With very high shutter speeds of 1/1600-1/2500 I find it will freeze the spray of dirt and dust as the horse digs in around each corner. It adds great dynamics to the shots. It does get your adrenaline pumping when a 2000 pound bull is racing straight towards me. Do I get the shot? or do I jump out of the way? Most time’s I through caution to the wind and get the shot….. I’m that guy.. haha.
There was one interesting moment when one the guys had to climb the fence in front of me to quickly escape and I fell backwards. No harm done! and I had a little laugh afterwards.
After a great day of shooting I left with some great images (above) and a wicked sunburn.. lol
Till next year.


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