Algonquin Provincial Park – Highway 60



About three weeks ago I had a couple of days off work and decided to hit the road looking for photographic opportunities. I spent one day hiking in Hastings County on the Crowe River. The drive in was an interesting one. Incredibly remote and probably not well suited for my poor little Mazda 3 to travel down. Lets just say I was driving hard that

I continued my way north to Bancroft and stayed the night. Very early the next morning I hit the road again hoping to go even further north to Algonquin. I wanted to see if I could spot any moose on Highway 60. When I arrived I think it  was a bit late at 7am as there was more traffic than I expected for any wildlife to be hanging around. Still I pressed on in hopes to see something. I did come across some wild turkey and ended getting out of the car to chase one down the road. A little camera shy I would say…haha By this point the weather took a turn for the worse and it started to snow. I pulled into a small landing beside a lake to rest and explore area more. As you can see in the photos above even in very poor weather the landscape is still very beautiful. I think this was called Smoke Lake. This early in the morning, isolated and alone it felt eerily calm, but strangely relaxing as I sat on the edge of the lake. Hopefully next time I think I will do some camping and explore more!


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