Cold City Lights


Hi All. So I’ve been experimenting with more long exposure shots lately. I’m fascinated these days with nightscapes. I’d really like to put more focus into this type of photography. The ideas are endless. For these I decided to drive down to Polson Pier to capture the skyline all lit up at night. I’m just getting over a cold but it was nice to get out for some fresh air. I arrived just after sunset and man it was freezing right on the water. The lighting was beautiful and I secured a spot at the end of the pier in the corner. I knew my fingers were not going to last long so my stay was short and sweet. Quick setup (Tripod, remote trigger, mirror up, F16 about 20-30sec exposure. ) Only stayed for about 15-20 frames and them back in the car for some heat. I was home watching netflix within the hour. Not much in post, a slight bump in contrast, and vibrance, and some dodge & burning to bring out more details. Enjoy. More to come soon.



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