So it’s been awhile since my last post, but I was inspired this weekend to finish sharing some of the content from my trip. On this day I spent a couple of hours on my way to Moncton to explore the Confederation Bridge. I had heard of this before and didn’t want to go home without at least a couple of photos. I found a rest stop off the highway and lucked out with the fact that there were foot trails that led right up under the bridge. I set up and spent about 20 min shooting from various vantage points. I was so amazed how big and interesting this structure was. It was close to mid day and was bright and sunny so the contrast gave some great opportunity to show off my black and white skills. My favourite is the second photo down. I also lucked out with very beautiful clouds on this day. Something very subtle but makes a world of difference in creating some interest. By now I was getting hungry so it was time for lunch. I took the drive over to P.E.I. The bridge is so long it was at least a 10 minute drive. Wow!! I heard of this lunch spot in Summerside that had some good eats so off I went. After resting I decided to drive around a bit enjoying the farm lands. Very colourful.. 


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