RAM Tweed Stampede & Jamboree


I missed posting this series from back in august but I felt it was a worthy share. Hopefully it will show a welcomed distraction from all the cold winter weather we have endured this past month and especially this past weekend. As you can see in previous posts I’ve only really followed the Orangeville Rodeo to date, but I have heard of this one and wanted to check it out. Though I got the shots needed for my blog I wasn’t really happy with this day at all. You know those days where you are just not in the zone.. Probably why I delayed posting until now. It was a very long drive and the weather seemed unpredictable so I didn’t know what to expect and was a little apprehensive.  I arrived a bit late and missed some of the action so not off to a good start.  I did end up finding a good spot later in the day close to the bull riders which was exhilarating. I was definitely close to the action as you can see in the photos above.  The sun was very high and created a bit too much shadow and contrast for my liking but I managed.  The event was great, the food was delicious, there were lots of cool people and plenty of music too. I might explore other venues next year but all in all I never regret an experience.


One comment on “RAM Tweed Stampede & Jamboree

  1. Love the bull riding photos! Thanks for sharing!

    – Paige Gregory

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