Road Trip Part 2 – Nova Scotia


Hi all. I know it’s been awhile. Here is part two of my Maritimes adventure. Originally I wanted to post a bit of a journalistic approach but since I’ve been a little short of time these days I thought I would just keep it simple and focus on my favourite spots. To catch up I did stop at many places along the way. Quebec City, New Brunswick, Amherst NS, Advocate Harbour NS, Halifax NS, Peggy’s Cove NS and Lunenburg (1st photo in this post). Lot’s of good eats and exploring. I did some hiking and some driving on some not so safe roads..haha. My GPS took me on some wild rides a couple of times..

From Lunenburg I headed to my main destination in Sydney which is where I stayed for a couple of days so I could ride the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. The weather was fairly dull most of the time but I had one amazing day on the Cabot trail as you can see above. I ended up travelling the full trail in each direction to capture the views from both sides. These went from flat road to beautiful seascapes & vistas. Funny story, the third photo down I was on this beautiful beach just taking some time to reflect and get some great shots. I was getting a bit brave and started to capture shots close to the edge of the water. Getting some nice images of the waves I was kind of zoned out. All of sudden a rogue wave came crashing in and within a second I was up to my knees in the cold ocean water. I was lucky none of my equipment got wet but for a couple of hours my feet were a bit uncomfortable. Anyways enjoy and I will post more soon…


One comment on “Road Trip Part 2 – Nova Scotia

  1. Brett says:

    Great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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