Peggy’s Cove

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Well I know this post is very long overdue. Back in September I decided to take a solo road trip to explore the Maritimes (focusing on Nova Scotia).
I know a few people that have taken this trip before (including my parents) and have heard great things. Though I used this trip mainly to collect content for my landscape photography I also took full advantage of the many cool little restaurants along the way for some amazing food. This also marks my first “awaycation” since probably 2008 which I admit goes to show I was in desperate need to get out of the city and do something for myself for once. This is my first post of many but I decided to start things off with one of my favourites “Peggy’s Cove”.
I got a very early start on this morning arriving at about 7am. (I would have tried for even earlier but everyone I seemed to talk to created some sort of fear in me about driving in the dark. I was convinced there was a moose on every dark corner just waiting to jump out in front of my car..hahah)
Anyway I pretty much had the place to myself for a good couple of hours. It was freezing and kind of windy but the scenery was just so different for anything I have ever witnessed. I was like a little kid in a candy store overwhelmed with possibilities. The landscape was very lunar looking and a lot more vast than I expected. I really lucked out with some sun peaking out of a dramatic sky. It made for some interesting lighting. I’m so glad it wasn’t a fog day. I had my tripod with me so long exposures were not a problem. I tried to be really technical on this trip. I didn’t just wanna come home with a bunch of snapshots. I really took the time to set up and think about each capture which can be so difficult and usually rushed in the city with all the noise and distractions. It was so nice to be able to think and reflect. I’m sure it shows in my art how inspired I was. The tour buses arrived promptly at about 9am. I hung out for a little bit longer to capture some of the colour in and around the town. All I can say is it’s very beautiful. I would love to go back and spend more there.


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