Burleigh Falls, ON


Hey everyone. Last weekend I was visiting family up north and my brother & I found a small window of opportunity in the evening to sneak off and capture some sunset images. Our first location was Burleigh Falls where we played around with the dynamics of the rushing water. This place holds a special place in my heart as my family spent the summers here for the last 25+ years. I have many happy memories of this place. The first couple of photos were taken of our favourite swimming spot. Going on a whim I only took my camera & tripod, no filters or release cables this time. The sky was a little challenging to get the land elements exposed without burning it out. Unfortunately I have to admit I added a little colour to the sky in post just to balance out the scene. Tech notes: 24mm around F13-16, dragging the shutter to get the silky water effect. I was lucky enough to have the sunset just over the bridge allowing some of the that nice golden colour to bounce off the rocks. Got a little flare in the first image, but I think it works… The last 3 images were taken on the Dam that separates Lovesick Lake with Stoney Lake. As you can see I decided to brave it and ignore some of the signs and climb down to get closer to the rushing water. (Not for people with a fear of heights…haha) These were all taken after dark with 30sec to 1 minute exposures. It’s cool that it almost looks like day time in a couple of them. I hope to continue to visit this place for many more years.


One comment on “Burleigh Falls, ON

  1. Dan McNab says:

    Ryan, these are gorgeous shots! I don’t know that I can pick a fav, but especially in your fourth shot posted, the balance between movement and colour is just amazing. Also taking the risk to “push the envelope” with those last few shots from below the dam really paid off and resulted in some exceptional images. I’m definitely going to give that a shot next time I’m there.


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