Orangeville RAM Rodeo 2013


Another year capturing images of the Orangeville RAM Rodeo. I was hoping to post these sooner but as usual life has gotten in the way. Anyway…. after such poor weather the last little while this day proved to be beautiful. Nice blue sky’s. It wasn’t as hot as last year (which was crazy hot). I arrived just in time and secured a spot close to action (maybe too close at times). I definitely had my share of dirt kicked into my face to get my adrenaline pumping. Though the low profile shots are well worth it. I feel at these angles the action is a little more exaggerated and I do feel more a part of the scene looking through the view finder then if I was standing. I’m a little more familiar with the sport and enjoyed the different disciplines from barrel racing to pole bending to saddle bronc riding. I have to give a congrats to all the riders. I couldn’t imagine doing what they do and the risks they take. Although it makes for great entertainment, it definitely looks dangerous. As far as my gear I packed light with just one body (D800) with my 70-200 VR2. My secret tool of the day was my lens blower. I had to blow the dust off every couple of minutes. I recommend this for anyone shooting at close range. High shutter speeds are key. I shot from wide open to F8. I saw a lot of photographers with multiple bodies this time around. Maybe next time I’ll bring my second camera with a wide angle lens. It is a bit of a challenge to track the focus. I shoot RAW so I prefer to place a single focus point & quickly compose the shot in my mind and anticipate the movement before snapping the shutter. This all happens in a couple of seconds so understandably it can be a hit or miss. I’m also limited with my cameras low frame rate, which I actually think is a good thing. It forces me to be conservative with my shots and think about what I’m doing instead of just machine gunning though. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I don’t have the time or drive space to go through thousands of images. These are some of my favourite shots. You can find full coverage here.


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