July Macro Creative


Another weekend out looking for that next amazing image. I thought I would try some macro shots. Sat evening around 5pm I head out. It’s super hot out and I just wanted to snap the shutter a couple of times and race back to my sweet air conditioned apartment. There were lots of bee’s out today so I thought I would put caution to the wind and stick my lens directly in the path of a whole bunch of them. I went for manual focus so I could get a little closer (within a couple of inches). I Patiently waited for this little guy to make it’s way around the flower and stare right back at me. I captured the moment just in time as a second later he was gone. Not much to retouch just bumped up the vibrance and added a touch of high pass sharpening to the bee’s hair to bring back some of that detail after I reduced the image size. Till next time……



One comment on “July Macro Creative

  1. Mona says:

    Very nice…………..

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