It’s All About Colour This Week!



A nice day for a drive last weekend. I thought I would take a mini road trip to Presqu’ile Provincial Park Wetlands. I’ve seen photos of this place and was excited to explore. It was fairly early in the day and I enjoyed a nice peaceful walk while listening to some tunes and capturing some nature. Just the 24-70mm 2.8 this day. It was to hot out to pack heavy. If you are into bird watching this is a great place for it. I think they even have tours. In the afternoon I cooled off on the shoreline watching the sail boats. I know I say this too often but it’s so nice to get out of the city. I was trying out a new NDX filter with not the best results. All my photos seemed to come out a bit too dark. When I got home, and after a quick google search I realized that you need to work out a separate exposure setting just for the filter and you can’t just use the meter in the camera. I felt a little silly lol… no issues though. I found a little iphone app to work out the calculations for me. (Where would we be without our latest gadgets…haha) So the next morning 5am I’m out the door and headed to the beach to redeem myself. I found a very quiet spot below Guildwood Park by the water. As you can see in the bottom image I have figured things out for now. More time experiment this summer. Till then enjoy these few images.


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