A Cold Day In February

Feeling a little cabin fever today so I decided after much debate to venture out into the cold for some fresh air. With it being minus 7 and some wind chill I knew that packing light was key. Since Edwards Gardens was just down the road from me I figured why not. Armed with only my 35mm F2 and a pair of gloves away I went. Not much going on when I arrived. I enjoyed the very peaceful (and somewhat eerie) walk around the lonely paths trying to find some interest out of the somewhat bland array of snow and leafless trees. It’s nice to get away once in awhile to quiet the mind. After about 30 minutes my fingers were pretty numb. I did manage to pull a couple keepers out of the bunch. Enjoy.


One comment on “A Cold Day In February

  1. bwbears says:

    You make simple subjects stand out. Great work.

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