Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week

This is my second year covering the Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week main runway event. Again I travelled with my photographer friend Luis of LouE. Photo. This year it was held at the classy & elegant Statler City. This was a black tie event and while I usually feel a little awkward and uncomfortable wearing suits, I was actually surprisingly at ease. The atmosphere was high class all the way. They definitely went the extra mile and put together a fantastic event. The night was filled with the colourful and innovative designs from eight designers spread out over two different runways. Starting the night off in the Terrace Room were Vania & David, Me & My Wife, Alexis Bellino & last years Jimmylee. All amazing styles and more than a few favourite pieces. I personally really like Jimmylee’s designs. The room was packed and us photographers were squished against the door. I did find for the most part everyone seemed very nice and accommodating. Lighting was a bit challenging but I worked it bumping up the ISO to 1600-2500. I did however find some trouble running out of card space with my D800. Even shooting conservatively my cards were quickly filling up. Jimmylee had an especially large collection and though I was enjoying the designs I found myself scrambling a bit near the end trying to find card space for the last few outfits. Next time I’ll have to plan a bit better. After that we all raced to the VIP Golden Ballroom Show to secure our spots on the platform. We seemed to pack on there like a circus act surprisingly without incident. This show included some fantastic collections from NYC designers Prajje 1983, Dowry Designs, Gwen Belotti & Elena V Designs. The lighting was a bit more challenging here as it was a bit darker and the spot lights were aimed more towards the runway itself. So results were a bit mixed with the models being lit from their feet upwards. All in all I was happy with my work regardless. The show was packed and well organized. I hope to attend again next year.

Thanks to the team at KC You There, Lauren Byrd & Donald Schwartz.

All the images from Vania & David can be viewed here

All the images from Me & My Wife can be viewed here

All the images from Alexis Bellino can be viewed here

All the images from Jimmylee can be viewed here

All the images from Prajje 1983 can be viewed here

All the images from Dowry Designs can be viewed here

All the images from Gwen Belotti can be viewed here

All the images from Elena V Designs can be viewed here


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