Orangeville RAM Rodeo Tour 2012

Enjoyed a great saturday in the hot sun at the Orangeville Rodeo. Though it wasn’t my first time to one of these it has definitely been a number of years since my last experience. I arrived just in time for the competition to start. The event showcased a variety of difference skill sets including bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, bull riding and pole bending, just to name a few. As for shooting there was an area in between the surrounding fence and the actual ring bars about 3 feet wide. We were asked to kneel down during the action so we were not interfering with the audience at all. This isn’t for the timid gear babying photographer. To get the shots we had to get right down into the dirt and become a part of the action ourselves. I found I had to time things just right and really be aware of my surroundings. You never know when a rogue bull or a eager rider on horseback was going to come up fast and really close. Knowing when to pull your telephoto out of the way was just pure survival. I had a couple close calls when a rider stopped short and dirt and small stones sprayed into my face. Part of the territory I thought to myself. I just didn’t feel right capturing the action without all that. I had to laugh at myself though as I prepared earlier for the blistering sun by lathering with the appropriate amount of sunblock I noticed very quickly that the dust and dirt just stuck to me like breaded chicken. I was filthy by the end of the day, but well worth it… Looking forward to the next event.  Above were some of my favourites.

All images can be seen here



One comment on “Orangeville RAM Rodeo Tour 2012

  1. Dan McNab says:

    Great shots! Sounds like an exciting time…I’m sorry I missed it.

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