Expressions of Brazil Fashion Show Harbourfront Centre Brigantine Room

Here are the recaps of last weekends Fashion show at the Harbourfront Centre. This was on the last day of the “Expressions of Brazil Festival”. The show featured the colourful & dramatic designs of Baby Steinberg who integrates many recycled materials into her work creating very unique pieces. I have to admit I was quite fascinated with the concept. The event also showcased great designs from Clarice Michelon & Etc&Tal. Deciding to go on a whim I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with the usual crew in the media pit (or tiny section of floor in front of the D.J. we claimed as the media area. lol) The venue was small but it all worked out. All in all a fun night of fashion. Thanks Luis for joining me for a couple of drinks afterwards even though the crowd was getting a bit wild.. haha.

Images of Etc&Tal can be viewed here.

Images of Clarice Michelon can be viewed here.

Images of Baby Steinberg can be viewed here.


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