Bridal Beauty

Well here finally is my last post of my projects back in march. I teamed up again with the talented Valini of VDH Makeup Artistry & Hairstyling. She wanted to update some of her bridal looks. For this we had two beautiful models, Ridhi & Nique. They both were a joy to work with. I started off with some beauty shots using my beauty dish set up to show off the makeup and hair more. Then  we focused on some full body length shots. Ridhi had brought along a cool vintage wedding dress which made for some interesting editorial type images. The chemistry for this photoshoot seemed to be perfect on this day. We all just clicked and worked off of everyones energy. I had to maintain my game face because I found these two models a riot especially with Valini joining in the fun to encourage the laughs. Good times. It was hard to keep a straight face but I pulled through and got these wonderful images. Thanks to all for a wonderful job, and great laughs. Thanks to Valini again for her makeup and hair.


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